Image Reads Beyond Body Positivity: Adding Fatness to Your Intersectional Lens

It’s time to collectively strengthen our analysis around anti-fat bias.

You and the organizations you work for may be working hard to create an equity culture, proactively addressing systemic race, class, gender and ability issues. You’re taking the classes, having the hard conversations with the people around you, and putting ideas into practice.

But is size discrimination on your radar?

We’ve got to talk about the harm of fat phobia.

As discussion of inclusion and intersectionality abound, fat folks are still some of the most stigmatized people in America. This stigmatization is often legitimized by a wider culture that sees fatness as a moral failing or health issue.

This is true everywhere, but particularly in the workplace where fat folks earn less and advance more slowly and with greater scrutiny. These actions are rationalized by leadership who say they are “managing corporate healthcare costs.”

Beyond Body Positivity: Adding Fatness to Your Intersectional Lens

In this recorded webinar, we unpack biases around fatness and provide tools to create more welcoming spaces for all bodies. This is an offering for critical healing and validation for fat folks, and a learning opportunity for folks who strive to be on the vanguard around social justice issues.
We also:

  • →Examine biases around fatness and size discrimination.
  • →Explore diet culture through Bobbie Harro’s cycle of socialization.
  • →Decouple healthism and fat bias.

And we learn and leave with tools to:

  • →Examine and remove fat bias in their communities.
  • →Begin having conversations about fatness as it relates to community care.

Featured Speaker

Sirius Bonner

Sirius Bonner
Vice President of Equity & Inclusion
Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette


Includes 2 hour webinar recording*, a curated reading list, and questions to support ongoing learning.
Closed captions and transcripts available on webinar recording.
*Webinar recording is available for one year from date fo purchase.

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