Announcing Promoviendo Confianza Corporal en Tu Trabajo

We are so very pleased to announce that we now offer “Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work,” our e-course for helping professionals, in Español! We have been working on this project for many months and we are so grateful to Dr. Lilia Graue, one of our Certified Body Trust Providers, for her tireless and diligent translation efforts in helping us make this dream come true!

Promoting Body Trust® in Your Work equips healthcare providers and other helping professionals with the knowledge base, language, and practical resources to challenge weight stigma; connect the dots between weight stigma and negative health outcomes; and support clients in moving towards Body Trust and weight-neutral self-care.

Promoviendo Confianza Corporal en Tu Trabajo is available at a special price of US$50 to accommodate a variety of currencies. The course includes Spanish language transcripts of the course videos and translations of other tools and resources. With the release of Promoviendo Confianza Corporal en Tu Trabajo, we are excited to help Spanish-speaking providers feel prepared for the often difficult conversations with people about weight stigma and the harm being done with the focus on weight and weight loss.