Holding Space

Years ago, I came across this idea that our presence—the way we hold space for people—is the most motivating thing about us. In Motivational Interviewing, we often talk about the spirit and the skills. You can do the skills, like ask open-ended questions, but if you don’t embody the spirit of MI when you ask these kinds of questions, it’s … Continued

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The Biggest Loser Data

The New York Times reported the findings of a follow-up study of Season 8 Biggest Loser contestants. Although the unsustainability and negative metabolic effects of dieting have been well documented, researchers were surprised and dismayed to hear that the majority of contestants regained weight and had slower metabolisms than when they started the television show. The findings “showed just how … Continued

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Trauma Stewardship

How do we reduce clinician burnout? What helps people develop resiliency, so that the important work they do in the world isn’t hindered by vicarious trauma and their own lack of self-care? The cumulative aspect of ongoing exposure to suffering and trauma is largely ignored in health care, criminal justice, and other fields. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky believes that a … Continued

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Redefining Success

In our work, we find we talk a lot about this idea of redefining success. Both motivational interviewing (MI) and Health at Every Size® (HAES) ask people to do this. MI encourages clinicians to embrace the different possibilities, besides action, for defining a successful encounter. Many health care providers judge their success by asking this question: Did I get the person to … Continued

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Nobody benefits when we see a healthy body ONLY as a thin body

We believe there is beauty and worth in EVERY body, and that benefits when we see a healthy body only as a thin body. Unfortunately, many helping professionals don’t look at the research on weight and health with a critical eye, and they also aren’t immune to the onslaught of media messages promoting the thin ideal.In our practice, we’ve met people whose clinicians … Continued

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