No! Maybe? Okay, you’re right

“No! Maybe? Okay, you’re right.”  This is the phrase one client used to describe her experience learning about intuitive eating. The first reaction: No. How could it be? I thought I was doing the right thing by trying to control my food to lose weight. This can’t be true. Restricting and restraining my food cannot possibly be the problem. Overeating … Continued

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Every now and again, we like to share one of our weekly Body Trust® video messages from our Body Trust® Network. Recently, Hilary sat down to talk about what has been coming up for her: vulnerability. Let us know if you have any thoughts! xo  

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The F Word

By Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD Most people recoil when they first hear us use the term “fat” when we give a talk. And then we explain that part of the work in the body positive movement is reclaiming the word fat, to strip it of its negative or pejorative connotation. We use the term as a neutral descriptor, just like … Continued

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Body Trust Insights with Catherine Gillespie

It is a true honor to share our next Body Trust Insights. For some time, this blog series has been dedicated to helping professionals who embody Body Trust in their life and professional practice. Recently, we decided to shift the focus to showcase some of our beloved community members as they so bravely walk this path every single day, one … Continued

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Thoughts on numbing and letting go

By Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC All of us learn to numb. Food, shopping, substances, sex, relationships. TV, phones, overworking, we see numbing all around us and it is not always questioned in our culture. Habitually numbing helps us to not feel so much – sadness, anger, overwhelm, grief – but can also leave us feeling detached and distanced from the … Continued

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