Let’s Talk About Higher-Body Weight Anorexia

We want to turn your attention to a recent podcact with one of our Certified Body Trust Providers, Dr. Rachel Millner: The importance of recognizing Anorexia in people with larger bodies. If you work in healthcare, are interested in eating disorders, or are a weight-inclusive advocate, this podcast is a must listen. Eating disorder symptoms are either missed or misdiagnosed … Continued

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Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change

Behavior change is a process, and people often approach change from all the wrong angles. BJ Fogg, a Stanford University professor, talks about 10 mistakes people make when trying to change their behavior: 1. Relying on willpower for long-term change. Imagine willpower doesn’t exist. That’s step #1 to a better future. 2. Attempting big leaps instead of baby steps. Seek … Continued

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Common pitfalls: empathy failures and the righting reflex

When someone shares the news of a life changing diagnosis with the people in their lives, they are often overwhelmed by the amount of advice they receive about supplements that could help, miracle cures, magic diets, personal stories about what worked for me, my cousin, my aunt. During a challenging and vulnerable time, instead of being met with what they … Continued

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The Biggest Loser Data

The New York Times reported the findings of a follow-up study of Season 8 Biggest Loser contestants. Although the unsustainability and negative metabolic effects of dieting have been well documented, researchers were surprised and dismayed to hear that the majority of contestants regained weight and had slower metabolisms than when they started the television show. The findings “showed just how … Continued

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The Sacred Art of Listening

We recently came across this beautiful talk by Tara Brach on The Sacred Art of Listening. When we think of listening, we think of the space we hold for people’s healing process, and how the quality of our listening, not the wisdom of our words, has the biggest impact on whether or not people change. When we cultivate the ability to … Continued

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