You can feel at home in your body. You can slay body shame. You can heal.

This work requires support. And most of us don’t have enough of the community we need to negate the exhausting chatter of dieting culture—or to believe you can keep going.

Are you struggling to find a community to support your efforts to end food/weight obsession?

When you talk to people in your life about the steps you are taking to heal your relationship with your body, do you often hear That will never work?

Do you need more language to deal with the naysayers (and that relentless inner critic)?

You are not alone.

You want to end your long struggle with food and weight obsession.

You want to heal, and trust your inner knowing.

You know you need to try different instead of harder.

We get it. And we know a lot of people who feel the same way.

We invite you to join the Body Trust Network!

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Now is the time for us to show each other what the revolution really looks like. Respecting, accepting, trusting and loving our bodies is not glossy, nor is it just for the brave few. You might notice that you believe in body liberation for everyone, but hold a different set of rules for yourself. You may prefer to keep weighting while others go first.

But this revolution needs you. We cannot wait any longer. Our children will learn something is wrong with their bodies by the age of 10, just as you likely did. This young generation is being fed more nutrition information, more food fear, and more shame and judgment about bodies than any generation before. We need to show the world it is possible to heal—that there is another option.

In her book, Tiny Beautiful Things, Cheryl Strayed asks:

What is on the other side of the tiny gigantic revolution in which I move from loathing to loving my own skin? What fruits would that particular liberation bear?

We don’t know—as a culture, as a gender, as individuals, you and I. The fact that we don’t know is feminism’s one true failure. We claimed the agency, we granted ourselves the authority, we gathered the accolades, but we never stopped worrying about how our asses looked in our jeans. There are a lot of reasons for this, a whole bunch of Big Sexist Things We Can Rightfully Blame. But ultimately, like anything, the change is up to us.

The Body Trust Revolution is simpler than we think. It means showing up for your self instead of orphaning the pieces and parts that don’t fit the mold we’ve been sold. It is understanding that you cannot settle for second best, whether you are choosing food, a job or your life.

The revolution requires us to name beauty in places where it has not been named before. This includes all bodies, especially those experiencing the most marginalization. Together we can de-center the thin, white ideal and begin to include the wisdom possible when more voices are amplified.

The revolution means listening to the body, trusting its inherent wisdom, knowing it is the only one that cannot lie.

The revolution requires us to commit to saying the unpopular thing—or, at the very least, not stay silent—when body shame is in the room. When you can navigate shame, you heal. When you stand for something—and someone—you heal.

Healing is less about liking your body and more about how much you can trust your human form.

The revolution requires us to step into the unknown and trust that we will be held, even if it scares us beyond belief.

For all of these reasons, the revolution requires community and it requires action. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the power of doing this work with others, which is why we created the Body Trust Network.

People heal in relationship to one another. Being in a community of other like-minded and brave souls strengthens our commitment to the cause. It is so helpful to know there are people just like you who want to be in conversation about the journey to reclaim body trust. Together, we can find out what happens when we move from loathing to loving the unique, shining, imperfect beings that we are.

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The Body Trust® Network includes:

  • an ongoing, 24/7 online community to ask questions, share experiences, and get support.
  • exclusive access to the online classroom which is chock-full of resources just for you.
  • a quarterly web-based conference call with Dana & Hilary.
  • a weekly Body Trust Tuesday post for inspiration.
  • quarterly interviews with leaders of the body trust movement and inspirational people who practice radical self-love and weight-neutral self-care.
  • video messages from Dana & Hilary.


Check out a teaser of one of our monthly interviews with Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga!

We invite you to be part of a new conversation about health, one that nourishes and celebrates who we are, and who we can become regardless of size, shape and age.

Are you ready to connect with others who feel the same?

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